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Together with thousands of other local merchants you’re the beating heart of your municipality, city or neighbourhood. From “tell the family I said hello” to “I put it aside just for you”. Every day, they put in extra effort for their customers. And we do the same for them. With our effective and user friendly marketing tool, we help merchants become fans of their customers, so they keep coming back. Because a vibrant neighbourhood has benefits for us all.

What our merchants have to say...

Smart, performant and user-friendly

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Digital loyalty card

Joyn offers cool rewards from thousands of local merchants. Download the app or get your free physical card in one of your favourite businesses.



A neighbourhood full of experiences

Make life easier for yourself and choose one single customer card: Joyn. You'll build up a total for different businesses. It makes living, working, shopping and trading in your neighbourhood even more fun!


Become Joyn for free

Can't wait to get started? Download the free app or ask your physical customer card from one of our merchants. Are you scanning for the first time? You'll receive an email to create your Joyn profile.