The digital customer card that combines all the effort you put in

Together with thousands of other merchants, you are the beating heart of your municipality, city or neighbourhood. From that hot cup of coffee while your customer waits, to that little extra for that loyal customer having a tough day. Every single day, you go that extra mile for your customers. We combined all of your extra effort into one single app. With Joyn, your customers enjoy unique advantages, save for cool rewards and keep coming back to you.

Smart, performant and user-friendly


Digital customer card

With the handy Joyn app, your customers save points for unique advantages, and they enjoy fun rewards at the same time. They are guaranteed to come back. And new people too easily find their way to your business.



Fast and personal customer communication

With the underlying Joyn platform, you can communicate with your customers in a more personal manner. You can quickly and easily inform them of new promotions or products.

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More sales in your business

The merchants that use the Joyn platform to send out promotional email campaigns notice an average sales increase of 15%. And if they add a coupon, this goes up to 35%.