Partner up with Joyn to stimulate your local economy

It's our mission to strengthen your city or municipality's local heart and put local trade back on the map.


So far, 7,500 local merchants have already joined our network

We connect them with some 2 million customers. These customers look for cool spots in their neighbourhood and have a whole new way of exploring your city or municipality using the Joyn app.

Living, shopping... locally is now more fun than ever. Together with Joyn, you'll turn your city or municipality in a neighbourhood full of experiences.

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Residents / consumers

Shopping locally made more fun.

  • No more wallets packed with customer cards! Joyn is 1 physical card or digital app (Android & Apple) to save for unique advantages in several businesses
  • Via the app, consumers discover merchants in their neighbourhood
  • On their birthday, consumers get nice little extras from local merchants
  • Consumers can participate in cool municipal competitions by shopping locally


Helping local trade grow, that's what we're aiming for. The only thing merchants need, is an iPad. That's how they get access to their personal Joyn merchant portal.
  • Merchants dispose of an extended customer base with data such as email address, name, age, location... all in compliance with the GDPR regulation
  • The merchant portal helps them analyse their customers' shopping behaviour (peak and off-peak are visible in the stats)
  • And it's also a marketing tool they can use themselves: 
    • to send newsletters or specific promotions.
    • to set up a birthday campaign so their customers receive a special coupon on their birthday. The merchants only have to configure this once.
    • to bring customers back with the help of an email campaign containing a coupon. The merchants decide when the email is sent out (after 6 weeks, 3 months...)
  • And most importantly, in the portal, they can measure the results of those email campaigns, and find out how much a particular campaign accomplished.

City or municipality

We'll get your local economy to flourish using smart solutions.

  • Competitions in your city or municipality in collaboration with the merchants (e.g. end-of-year promotions)
  • Insights into Joyn transactions in your city or municipality thanks to the City Dashboard.
  • Support your merchants during road works by organising competitions, so their customers still visit them.
  • Assess the impact on your local economy of street fairs, events or traffic changes in your city or municipality.

Today, a city or municipality is where it's all at


And that is exactly why Joyn exists. To connect people in cities and municipalities, and to activate them while they're doing what they love.

Curious to find out what Joyn could mean for your city or municipality?

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