Joyn business app for iPad

To offer even more support, the Joyn team developed a new version of the Business app for your iPad. There are plenty of advantages. The app scans faster than ever before, it offers a seamless integration with Payconiq and you can simply download it from the App Store.

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Faster than ever

The more customers want to save points, the faster the app must run. That goes without saying. So the new app scans faster than ever before. You can now also choose your preferred order: enter the amount first and then scan, or the other way around.

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Seamless Payconiq integration

We hope it's no longer a secret that Payconiq can be integrated into your Joyn app. But you do need to make the switch to the new business app to enjoy the benefits, as the 'old' app doesn't support the Payconiq integration.

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Entirely GDPR compliant

The new app is entirely GDPR compliant. You don't have to worry about this privacy legislation. On the contrary. The new app includes a solution making your life and that of your customers as easy as possible. That alone should be enough to install the app ASAP.


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Easy installation from the Apple App Store

Download and update the new app onto your iPad straight from the App Store. It's more user-friendly, and more secure. Like any other app on your iPad, the business app is updated on a monthly basis, continuously offering new features and improvements.


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Safety first!

Safety is one of the main reasons why Apple no longer supports older iOS versions and why the newest apps no longer work on older iPads. To install the Joyn business app, your iPad needs iOS 10 or higher.


What happens to the old app?

In the beginning, you'll just need to make sure not to use both apps at the same time. But we're 100% convinced you'll absolutely love our new app. That's why the old app will be removed automatically within 7 days after installing the new one. You can always delete it manually if you want to rid your iPad of it sooner.