A Joyn coupon is a digital discount voucher which Joyn merchants can distribute and which Joyn users can activate and redeem.
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Coupons are still hugely popular

In 2016, Belgians used an average of 6.8 discount vouchers per person. Together, they saved no less than 121 million euro! The paper version is still going strong, but its digital counterpart is - obviously - gaining more and more ground.

Our own studies too prove that coupons are still hugely popular. Promotional campaigns containing a coupon have a significantly larger impact than those without. Try it out for yourself.


Why create a coupon?

Coupons can be used for several purposes.

  • To attract new customers
  • To boost sales
  • To clear stock
  • To wish customers a happy birthday
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How to distribute a coupon?

After saving your coupon, you can distribute it using an email campaign or through your social media channels or any other communication channel. Want to attract new customers? Try a Joyn Advertising Campaign.

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Curious to see the results?

That same coupon page will display, almost in real time, how many people have activated and redeemed their coupon and how much extra revenue the coupon has created.

Joyn tip

If you're sending out a coupon or any other offer, consider your opening hours and any holiday periods. It is extremely frustrating to show up at a closed door, especially if that happens to be the very last day of the promotion. All the positive vibes you created with your coupon will be lost.

How to create a coupon?