Customer base

Know your customers

Under the 'customers' section, you'll find an overview of all the customers you've given Joyn points to at least once. You can sort them by name, age or number of saved points. By clicking on their name, you'll go to that customer's detail page. This is where you'll find the full (scanning) history of that customer. Did a customer accidentally scan twice or not at all? Manually adjust the total here. This page is also where you can enter your own specific feedback about a customer.


Registered versus non-registered customers

Do you see a line instead of a name for some of your customers? This means they haven't 'registered' their Joyn card yet. They can save points, but you're missing out on valuable information you could use for your next promotion. So it's important for you to encourage your customers to register their card or even better, install the app.

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Register the card or install the app. Your customers will benefit from it too. That way...

  • they'll always know of your latest news or promotions;

  • they'll never miss out on any of your offers;

  • they won't lose their points if they lose their card;

  • you can send them a gift or promotion for their birthday.