The page that keeps track of everything...

How did this November go in comparison with last year's? How many customers popped in over the weekend? Who activated one of your coupons today? You can learn a lot from the history page...

Data treasury

While the stats page provides a nice overview of the results of the previous months, the history page allows you to dig much deeper. This list contains all the iPad's transactions. Armed with a healthy dose of creativity, a pinch of Hercule Poirot thinking and a spread sheet application like Excel, you'll dig up anything you want from this data treasury.

And with Joyn, you're also completely GDPR complaint. As long as you stay within the limits of normal use of Joyn and yourself in the capacity of merchant.


Did you know you can enter your rewards and/or coupons in your books? Hit the 'Reports' button to create handy reports detailing all the rewards or coupons you've handed out.