To measure is to know

How many customers pop in on a monthly basis? Where are they from? How old are they? How much do they spend in your business? The 'statistics' page in the merchant portal gives you a good idea of your customers and their shopping behaviour.

Map your peak hours

With the Joyn card or app, customers can save points and redeem rewards or coupons in participating businesses. The first chart on the stats page shows the scanning behaviour in your business. This provides a good idea of your business' peak and off-peak hours. But it also shows you which coupons work well, and which ones don't.


Try to attract enough customers during your off-peak hours too. Encourage them by sending a targeted email campaign with an interesting coupon.

Address the right target audience

One of the things your stats tell you is how many customers have scanned in your business at least once. You dispose of detailed information about all these customers, meaning you can send them targeted promotions. Personal details such as age, gender and place of residence give you a good idea of your customer base. And they indicate whether or not you're reaching the target audience you want to reach. The more customers register, the more accurate your data will be.


The statistics also tell you how many 'loyal customers' you have. Naturally, a loyal customer pops into the bakery more often than into the optician. That's why the merchant portal lets you decide what a loyal customer means for your particular business.


Utilise your stats, and increase your turnover

All these stats together form a powerful tool, offering extra insights into your customers.

Use these insights to set up targeted email campaigns and to customise your rewards and/or promotions.

Are you customers mostly aged between 18 and 25? They'll most probably prefer movie tickets over Rimpelrock tickets.

If you notice you get less scans (which usually also means less customers) on Tuesday mornings, you could capitalise on that by offering a special 'Tuesdays only' promotion.

More data means more return

So you have every reason to encourage your customers to register. If they're using the app, they'll have to register at some point. If they're using the card, you are co-responsible for filling out their details. The more details they enter, the more return you'll have!