Want to attract new customers?

Joyn Advertising campaign

Want to attract new customers? With a 'Joyn Advertising' campaign, you get to promote your business directly on the smartphones of nearby Joyn users that haven't popped into your business yet. It goes without saying that everything can be measured: at the end of your campaign, you'll know exactly how many new customers you've attracted, and even how much they spent.


Want to attract new customers?

With 'Joyn Advertising', you can send targeted ads to Joyn users in your neighbourhood. That way you know your message is sent to the right people from the start: those who love shopping locally. And of course, we'll filter out your existing customers. Likewise, we'll filter out the customers of your neighbouring friendly competitors too. Because together, we can create a vibrant neighbourhood.
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On the smartphone and in the inbox

No more anonymous ads in advertising booklets or expensive door-to-door leaflets. All Joyn Advertising campaigns are sent out using two channels, meaning they end up where they will actually be seen by your target audience. Straight to the smartphone. And the inbox.
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Only men aged between 30 and 50?

No problem. With Joyn Advertising, you reach the local shoppers, for starters. Then, you also filter by place or residence, age and gender. That way, you focus 100% on your target audience.
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Measurable, from start to finish

Do you know what you got out of that ad in that local advertising booklet? How many people saw your poster in the local soccer club? Or how many people visited your shop after your Facebook ad? That's a no.

But with a Joyn Advertising campaign, you know exactly how many people open your email and activate the coupon, and how many people actually come into your business and even how much they spend. And honestly, the results are remarkable.


The average number of new customers after a Joyn Advertising campaign.


The percentage of new customers that come back within one month.


That's the percentage of campaigns that pay for themselves, within one month.


2500 users

€ 300

5000 users

€ 500

10000 users

€ 900

Ordering a campaign

Curious to find out what the best solution is for you? Curious to find out how a Joyn Advertising campaign can give your customer base a boost? We'd love to give you advice, free of charge.

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GDPR compliant

You don't have to worry about the privacy legislation. Every single person that receives your campaign agrees to receive commercial messages from local merchants.