Email campaigns

Want to advertise the promotion of the month? Invite your most loyal customers to a presales week? Invite all your female customers aged between 18 and 35 for a glass of bubbles or inform your entire database that you'll be closed for the week? An email campaign is the perfect way to keep your customers informed.

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The fast and easy way to communicate with your customers

With the Joyn emailing tool, you can easily send a personal message to your customers. They'll know exactly when you're closed, when the new collection arrives or what your promotion of the week entails. Without having to set aside substantial budgets for postage or printing costs.


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Bubbles or a special promotion for your female customers?

No problem. With the Joyn emailing tool, you can easily filter by language, age and gender, making it just as easy to communicate with a specific target group from within your customer base. Go ahead and chill those bubbles!


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35% sales increase?

Add a coupon to your email campaign. Joyn did some extensive research on the impact of these coupon campaigns for local merchants. We compared the sales total of the month following a promotion and the average sales of the three months prior a promotion. Guess what. When merchants send out a promotional email campaign (no coupon), they see an average sales increase of 15%. When they also add a coupon, the number of transactions increases by 35% on average.


By adding a coupon, the message appears directly on the smartphone of customers that use the Joyn app, and you increase your visibility.


That's the average increase of the sales activity after sending out a promotional email.




That's the average increase of the sales activity after sending out a promotional email with a coupon.


Curious about the results?

Want to monitor in real time what a promotion actually gets you? The merchant portal shows you exactly how many people open your email, read the attachment or activate the coupon, and how many people actually pop into your business and even how much they spend.


The power of email

Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger, WhatsApp... Is email becoming less popular? Not in the slightest. On the contrary. All leading online marketing experts agree that email marketing is still the best way to inform your customers, fans and leads about your company.

Even more: the current GDPR rules have only strengthened the power of email marketing, as readers now have to explicitly confirm they want your email in their inbox.


GDPR compliant

On that note, you don't have to worry about the privacy legislation. The customers that receive your emails have all given their consent.